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Three Minute Money Tip — Joyce Feustel

April 16, 2021

In 2010, at the age of 61, Joyce Feustel founded Boomers’ Social Media Tutor. She went full-time with her business in 2013 after retiring from a 17-year career in sales. She was delighted to have finally found her professional calling.

Through her tutoring and training services, she helps business professionals and job seekers to use social media, especially LinkedIn and Facebook, more effectively and productively. People who are 50 and older are especially drawn to using her services, as she is a baby boomer. Her tagline is “Making Social Media Simple, Easy and Fun.”

Joyce attributes her business success to her training as an educator, her leadership and public speaking experience in Toastmasters, and her extensive experience in writing and editing. 

A graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison with degrees in business and education, Joyce has lived in the Denver area for over 25 years.

 Find her at www.boomerssocialmediatutor.com.

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